HEA baselines in Southern Africa


FEG is providing technical support to the Southern Africa Development Community to carry out country-wide, high quality HEA livelihood baselines in Tanzania, Malawi and Angola.

HEA Animation


Watch our animation which explains what HEA is and how it can be used by policy makers and programmers to help build resilience, reduce poverty and forecast types and levels of assistance.


Building HEA capacity throughout the Sahel


FEG provides technical support to Save the Children on a regional HEA capacity building project in the Sahel.

Scalable safety nets in Somalia


FEG supports programme design through 15-year time series analysis and modelling of HEA data.

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The Food Economy Group (FEG) is on the leading edge of livelihoods-based food security and policy analysis, and complex process facilitation.

For over twenty years our work throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America has focused on linking decision makers to the realities faced by poor people, across rural and urban communities, in pastoral and agricultural settings, and within both fragile states and more stable communities.

FEG is the world’s leading expert in Household Economy Analysis (HEA), an internationally-recognized livelihoods analysis framework. We use our HEA expertise to offer a range of services to decision makers in the humanitarian and development communities, including: support for improved program design; famine early warning; impact evaluation; resilience measurement; and graduation modelling in social protection programs.

HEA Services

Assessments, tools, trainings, scenario analyses…

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Applications of HEA

Program design, famine early warning, resilience, markets analysis, impact evaluation…

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Processes & Policies

Systems strengthening & capacity development, social protection, evaluation & design…

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Herd Dynamics Guidance

FEWS NET has released new guidance on integrating herd dynamics into scenario development. Available here.