Processes and Policies


FEG’s Processes and Policies services cover a range of inputs, including: design and evaluation of global, national and regional-level programmes; strategies and policies in food security; social protection; disaster risk reduction; and, humanitarian response. Our services focus on addressing how to improve institutional processes in order to increase aid effectiveness. FEG is also expert in delivering high-level workshop facilitation that brings together multiple stakeholders in order to agree on concrete actions.


Social Protection

FEG has played key roles on design teams working on social protection initiatives in several countries.

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Resilience & Disaster Risk Reduction

FEG has been involved in addressing how these resilience and disaster risk reduction can work in practice.

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Systems Strengthening & Capacity Development

FEG provides sustained organisational support in systems strengthening and capacity development.

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Evaluation & Design

FEG is experienced in the evaluation and design of humanitarian response and has been a key partner in two major global nutrition evaluations.

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Cash Transfers in Humanitarian Contexts

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