Social Protection


FEG has played key roles on design teams working on social protection initiatives in several countries including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania. In Mozambique, FEG worked with DFID and the donor group to support the government in designing a national productive safety net programme. In Tanzania, FEG designed the donor coordination structure for the country’s National Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN); and in Rwanda, FEG helped design Rwanda’s social protection strategy for the Government of Rwanda and DFID.


Productive Safety Nets Programme (PNSP), Ethiopia


In 2014, FEG led the design team for the fourth phase of the Productive Safety Nets Programme (PSNP IV) in Ethiopia. The outcome of this work was a 4 year, USD 3.5 billion programme that will reach over 10 million beneficiaries. The PSNP is a major, national initiative that involves 11 donor partners and 4 government Ministries as well as NGO representatives. To date, it has involved 11 supporting consultancies to help shape the process and the final design.

Since February 2015, FEG has facilitated a series of a high-level workshops on PSNP governance in Ethiopia in order to address important structural issues. This process helps to achieve better communication between the donor partners, the Donor Coordination Team and the Government including how to increase government ownership of the PSNP governance process.