FEG is providing technical support to the Southern Africa Development Community’s (SADC) Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis (RVAA) Programme to ensure the completion of country-wide, high quality HEA livelihood baselines in Tanzania, Malawi and Angola. This initiative, which began in 2014, has been especially challenging in Tanzania, one of the largest and most diverse countries on the continent, where 78 zones will be covered. By employing a time-tested iterative and highly effective capacity building approach, FEG has enabled the Tanzania Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis committee (MUCHALI) to take full ownership of the HEA baselines, while ensuring high quality results with targeted technical support. As a result, over the past two years, an additional 63 livelihood baselines have been completed in southern Africa. The baselines have already been used for emergency needs projections, and are intended for use in the Climate Smart Initiative Project, for disaster risk assessment, poverty analysis, and resilience measurement, among other uses.