Save the Children, working in partnership with IRC, Oxfam and Better Life Organisation, commissioned FEG to lead a field exercise in Rakhine State, Myanmar. This was one of the first views into how people in this part of Myanmar make ends meet, and FEG’s work contributed to the design of more appropriate interventions.

FEG led field teams and produced HEA baselines for the Tatlan Programme, which is implementing a package of interventions in four technical areas (infrastructure, fisheries/aquaculture, agriculture and financial services). The aim of these programmes is to improve livelihoods and food security in Rakhine State. The HEA baseline and purposive outcome analysis is desgined to contribute to ongoing program design and contingency planning and was linked to Cost of Diet information to help identify nutritional shortfalls.

HEA report for Tatlan Programme 3 December 2013