Livelihoods & Food Security

Livelihoods security and food security cut across a range of important areas relevant to development and humanitarian initiatives, from HIV/AIDS to natural resource protection; from wildlife conservation to providing humanitarian assistance in complex emergencies. FEG’s multi-disciplinary and seasoned staff provides focused technical guidance to ensure that project, program or policy level initiatives are sensitive to local livelihoods, and are well targeted, long lasting and designed to address not just the symptoms of poverty, but the real needs of households we serve.



FEG supplies the analytical tools for translating a static inventory of livelihood assets into a dynamic understanding of livelihood systems. While livelihoods analysis is a central part of many agencies’ goals, what makes FEG’s approach unique and powerful is its proven ability to quantify the productive contribution of poorer and richer households’ livelihood capitals and assets rather than simply providing a list of them.