Systems Strengthening and Capacity Development


FEG has provided sustained support to the UN World Food Programme (UN WFP) over the last ten years in Asia and Africa. Recent services to the UN WFP addressed how to position WFP within the overall resilience agenda. In 2015-2016, FEG led a 9 country, regional Resilience Strategy review for WFP’s East and Central Africa Bureau to consolidate their thinking around resilience. FEG provided strategic input through a ten step approach for engaging effectively in building resilience. FEG has also contributed to evaluating WFP’s global programmes and policies.


In 2011, FEG joined a multi-disciplinary team to evaluate WFP’s global School Feeding Policy, leading the country case studies in Tajikistan and Mozambique. FEG has led many Country Design missions, specifically in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Ghana and Zimbabwe. These design missions called for extensive partner consultations in order to create consensus around WFP’s strategic position in the aid community and how WFP can best support national level programmes and policies. The design missions also addressed WFP’s position on issues such as disaster risk reduction, social protection, livelihood resilience and food security. WFP has supported food security over the years through school feeding, food-for-recovery, emergency food aid, and nutritional support but their role is also evolving into disaster risk reduction and resilience planning.